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Bring us your media and SyncWords will deliver a timed transcript using our best-in-class auto-transcription AI. Review & download using a suite of features in our new Sync Editor.

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The Transcript Editor
You've Been Looking For

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SyncWords fully web-based Sync Editor provides an interactive editing interface for synchronized transcripts built to meet the needs of media, journalism, legal, corporate and more.

Provide your media with or without a transcript and let SyncWords do the rest. In a fraction of your media run-time, you’ll have a timed and synchronized transcript ready for editing and export.

No Transcript? No Problem.

SyncWords offers automated speech recognition transcription with the fastest turnaround available as well as professional transcription services. Or if you prefer to transcribe your media yourself, you can do that too.

Always In Sync

Edit your captions and SyncWords’ continuous auto-timing feature will resync your captions with your media in the background ensuring you’re project is always in sync.

In the Cloud &
On Every Computer

Cross platform compatible for Mac OS, Windows, Linux and Chrome OS. Lives in the cloud and available wherever you go.

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The Power of API Integration

Supercharge and automate your workflow with our available API integration. Connect to the SyncWords platform and streamline your production.

We Keep It Simple

A lot of technology is involved behind the scenes but we strive to keep it simple on the surface. Intuitive controls and customizable keyboard shortcuts make for an effecient, easy to use editor.

Get Captions

Generate captions from your transcript with a click and open them in our Pro Caption Editor.

Speaker IDs & Audio Cues

Edit speakers labels en masse. Add audio cue highlighting for additional control during export.

Scale & Deploy

A scalable, cross-platform web app provides easy deployment for the entire workforce.

Auto Save & Backup

Your projects save and back up to the cloud automatically. Never lose your work again.

Rapid Review

Our timing confidence functionality produces an additional layer to your transcript for quick and easy sync review.

Follow the Leader

Your media and transcript have never been closer. Navigate your transcript and your media will follow.

We could go on. Try it for yourself.

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Beyond Transcription

Captions & Subtitles

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Generate captions directly from your newly synced transcript and open them in our Pro Caption Editor; the companion web app to the Sync Editor.

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More On the Way

Were consistently adding new features and tools to meet whatever needs are thrown our way. Collaborative tools, translations, mobile app integration are just a few on the horizon. Stay tuned.

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