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SyncWords Pro Caption Editor is a complete caption editing and authoring tool designed for the professional broadcast captioner. AI powered, cloud based and production-ready.

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The Future of Professional
Captioning Has Arrived

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Upgrade your captioning experience utilizing the power of the cloud, A.I. and a suite of tools at your disposal. Automatic speech recognition and our Sync Engine streamline captioning workflows accross the industry.

Provide your media with or without a transcript and let SyncWords do the rest. SyncWords powerful Sync Engine will transcribe and auto-time your transcript for fast and painless captioning.

Complete CEA-608 Compatibility

Production-ready for Broadcast TV in North America. Our Pro Caption Editor meets all strict guidelines for CEA-608 with compatibility for downstream encoders, transcoders, and playout systems. No longer spend thousands on desktop software to author proper CEA-608 compatible caption projects for TV.

Scale & Deploy

Expand your workforce effortlessly. Web-based and cross-platform compatible, the Caption Editor makes working with and managing large teams and projects affordable and efficient like never before.

Always In Sync

Edit your captions and SyncWords’ continuous auto-timing feature will resync your captions with your media in the background ensuring you’re project is always in sync.

In the Cloud &
On Every Computer

Cross platform compatible for Mac OS, Windows, Linux and Chrome OS. Lives in the cloud and available wherever you go.

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The Power of API Integration

Supercharge and automate your workflow with our available API integration. Connect to the SyncWords platform and streamline your production.

Auto Translations

Localize your media and grab the attention of viewers around the globe. Take any caption project and translate it into more than 40 languages with a click.

Auto Placement

SyncWords will analyze your video for on screen text and other key elements and automatically avoid covering these areas with captions.

Auto Scene Detection

SyncWords can detect and highlight all scene changes in your video. Automatically snap caption timing to the start of a new scene.

Real-Time Error Detection

SyncWords analyzes your captions in real time for a number of potential problems that could cause errors during playback.

We Keep It Simple

We strive to keep it simple. Intuitive controls and customizable keyboard shortcuts make for an effecient, easy to use editor.

Auto Save & Backup

Your projects saves and backs up to the cloud automatically. Never lose your work again.

Audio Visualization

Our audio spectrogram provides an additional layer to your captioning process, highlighting word level timing, edits and more.

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All Major Caption Formats Supported

SyncWords produces caption files that can be used for Broadcast, Web, DVD authoring and in most media players.

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Work Smarter, Not Harder

Synced Transcription

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Use our Sync Editor, the compantion web app to the Pro Caption Editor, as a powerful tool in your captioning workflow to perfect and rapidly create caption files from any video or audio source.

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More On the Way

We're consistently adding new features and tools to meet whatever needs are thrown our way. Collaborative tools, subtitles and burned-in captions are just a few on the horizon. Stay tuned.

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