Our pricing is affordable and easy to understand.

Automated Captions

Bring your own transcript or use our free automated transcription service and we’ll sync it with your media for output of captions in any format you need.


Transcription & Automated Captions

Human transcription plus automated sync. SyncWords will transcribe your media using our network of professional transcribers at 99% accuracy to produce high-quality captions.


English language Standard Turnaround (4 Days) is $1.95 per minute of media. English Rush Turnaround (2 Days) is $2.55 per minute of media. Spanish Standard Turnaround (4 Days) is $3.10 per minute of media. Spanish Rush Turnaround (2 Days) is $4.60 per minute of media

What's Included?

Whether you're looking to do it yourself or hand your projects off to us, all accounts come with the same great features:

  • Access to the Caption Editor
  • Access to the Review Tool
  • Output to all major caption file formats
  • Caption Presets for Web, TV & OTT
  • Intelligent Segmentation
  • Automated Positioning
  • Unlimited Project Storage
  • Multi-User Account Access
  • Group Billing
  • API Access

Additional Services & Add-Ons

  • Translations

    Automated translation outputs in over 35 languages. Get your subtitle files in a variety of different formats.

  • ProSync Quality Assurance

    SyncWords editors audit timing, manually time sound cues, and optimize output to perfect your captions.

  • Embedded Caption Files

    Export your media with your captions embedded directly into the media file.


Calculate Your Cost

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Enterprise Accounts

Enterprise accounts allow collaborative features, consolidated billing, flexible payment options, and special rates based on volume and pre-payment.


Frequently Asked Questions

How does billing work in SyncWords?

SyncWords is a pay-per-use service. We only charge when a project is submitted and there are no hidden fees! Charges are based on media duration, and pro-rated to the minute. We will summarize the costs for every project and ask for your confirmation before any charge is made. We accept all major credit cards.

How do Enterprise customers pay?

Enterprise customers are billed monthly, and can pay via credit card, or check. Payment is due in 30 days from invoice date.

How secure is SyncWords?

SyncWords forces all traffic over HTTPS, using powerful 256-bit encryption for all transactions. We employ strong passwords and secure password reset procedures. We use a leading PCI compliant third-party payment provider to handle all credit card transactions and as a result, we never store credit card information.

Do I have to sign up separately for DIY or Full Service?

No. There is no difference between DIY and Full Service users. DIY and Full Service refer to the types of ways customers can use Syncwords to create captions - either using our automated tools to do it themselves or letting the Syncwords team create captions for them.

Is there a minimum amount of media I need to submit to become a customer?

No. You can caption any quantity of media in Syncwords without any minimum limits.

Do you offer discounts for bulk volume?

Yes, we provide discounts for bulk volume or pre-payment. Please contact us to learn more.

I have more questions!

Not a problem! We're available to help anytime and answer all your questions. Feel free to get in touch.