We’ll do all the heavy-lifting to create high-quality captions for you.

All Major Caption Formats Supported

SyncWords produces caption files that can be used for Broadcast, Web, DVD authoring and in most media players.

  • .SRT
    Popular caption file format, widely used for many video players, online services, and DVD authoring.
  • .WebVTT
    The new W3C standard for captioning in HTML5.
  • .SBV
    SubViewer file format.
  • .DFXP
    W3C standard for captioning, used widely in Flash players. Also known as TTML.
  • .SMI
    SAMI captions for Windows Media Player.
  • .QT
    QuickTime captions.
  • .RT
    RealText captions for RealPlayer.
  • .SLT
    Spruce subtitle format for DVD Studio Pro.
  • .SUB
    Captions for Sonic DVD Creator.
    The FCC safe harbor format for IP captioning. Similar to DFXP.
  • .SCC
    Scenarist Closed Caption format. Widely used for broadcast applications, DVD authoring, and mobile captions. Available in pop-on and roll-up format with frame rate and one count options.
    Subtitle format supported by Avid systems.
  • JSON
    Word-level timing and confidence data. Available to enterprise customers.
    Multilingual DFXP file generated via machine translation. Translation into multiple languages is available. Available to enterprise customers.


Don’t have a transcript? Our extensively trained transcribers can capture every spoken word, use proper punctuation, appropriate speaker labels, and sound cues to deliver outstanding transcripts. Our transcribers are based in the United States and Canada, and have signed strict confidentiality agreements.

  • Guidance

    When requesting a transcript, SyncWords allows you to provide guidance to the transcriber handling your media. Include notes or documents with any special considerations or conventions you would like us to follow. You can also upload files that are helpful to the transcriber, including documents that contain specialized vocabulary, speaker names, and other information.

  • Diverse Experience

    Our transcribers have a wealth of experience working with a diverse range of content. Our experience includes transcription for education, broadcast and film. In addition, we have transcribed thousands of hours of events, conference calls, podcasts, and other diverse material.

Additional Services


Our ProSync Quality Assurance service offers professional review and correction of SyncWords' output to ensure 100% timing accuracy of speech and sound cues. This service is highly recommended for projects that must meet the highest accuracy standards. Upgrade to ProSync on any project.

Embed Captions

Whether you want to burn open (always on) captions on to your media or embed captions into you file for broadcast, SyncWords can help. We will work with you and the TV station’s engineers to figure out the specific caption format required and even deliver the file to the broadcaster for you.