About SyncWords

Launched in 2013, Syncwords’ goal has been to provide high quality closed captioning with a fast turnaround and affordable pricing. We are located in a spacious sun-drenched studio in Long Island City, New York, and have a team of multitalented and multilingual individuals that thrives on challenges, and problem-solving.

We use advanced artificial intelligence and automation in virtually every phase of the captioning process. Over the years we’ve added many features and tools including support for several caption formats. We benefit our growing customer base by making their media accessible, searchable and SEO-friendly. Several captioning and subtitling providers use Syncwords in their workflow to streamline their captioning process.

Syncwords’ world-class speech-text alignment technology has advanced applications for speech corpus development and various applications including ASR and keyword spotting. Our goal is to continue innovating Syncwords to create captions with higher quality at more affordable prices, and accessible to all users.

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